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Snap Press Instructions

Before you can use your snap press machine, you will need to assemble the handle. Remove the supplied bolt from handle, position in machine and reinsert the bolt. Tighten nut (very easy!).

How to use
To use the machine you need a die set for the size/style snap you’re planning to apply.
The die set includes three parts: Cap Die, Socket Die and Stud Die

Snap sets consist of two parts, male and female. The stud being male, socket being female. Both stud and socket use a cap (that’s why there are two cap pieces to every snap set).
The order you apply each (ie whether you apply socket or stud) is up to you.

Step 1: Place cap die in the bottom hole of snap press. The cap die is the solid metal one with a curved top.

Step 2: Decide which side of the snap you want to apply first (socket or stud), then screw the appropriate die piece into the snap press. Here we are using a socket die.

Step 3: Position cap piece (spike up) and socket piece into its die (it will click into place).

Step 4: Take the cap piece and push the cap prong into the fabric. It doesn’t need to push all the way through the fabric, just hold it firmly in place.

Step 5: Place the cap into the cap die (it should fit snugly into the die’s dimple). Keep hold of the fabric to prevent it moving.

Step 6: Push the handle down very firmly with your free hand (watch your fingers). Be sure to press hard…. the centre prong needs to be well flattened (if not, the snap won’t snap together properly).

Step 7: Release the handle. Gently tug to release fabric from the top die.

Step 8: Change top die to stud die and repeat these procedures.

Socket and stud in place

A completed snap.....!