Choose Size

Size 20 or Size 16.

Size 20 is the larger and most versatile size snap. It can handle thick and thin layers of fabric and is the most popular choice for nappies, sanitary products and bibs. 

Size 16 is popular for petite dolls clothing. It is smaller and suited to thinner layers of fabric.


Choose Tool

Professional Press Machine or Pliers.

The snaps are very strong and need the force of a tool to apply them.

In most cases we recommend the Press Machine as it's easy to operate and durable. The pliers are fine for quick fixes and small jobs, but for anything substantial we recommend the Professional Press Machine. 

In addition to the Press Machine, you'll need the die set that corresponds with the size snap you've chosen. If you'd like to use both size snaps, then just purchase both size dies - they can be used on the same Press Machine.


Add to cart

To make this easy, we have Starter Kits which will ensure you have everything you need to get started. 

You can always top up with extra snap colours (or sizes) later.

SIMPLE RULE: To make a full set of snaps, you need double the caps (you'll use a cap for the socket and a cap for the stud).

Press Machine Starter Kit

Includes a Professional Press Machine, Die Set and 300 sets snaps!

Pliers Starter Kit

Includes a pair of Pliers and snaps in size 20 and size 16.