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Plastic Snap Fasteners (made by KAM).
Industrial strength polyacetal resin. Perfect for clothing, cloth nappies, quilt covers, upholstery and much more...
Polyacetal resin can withstand high temperature (and won't rust!).

Two sizes available:
This is our most popular size snap. Perfect for nappies, sanitary products and bibs.
Larger and suitable for thick layers of fabric. Easily handles denim, wetsuit material, bamboo fleece (4-5 layers!) and curtains.

Cap diameter = 12.4mm
Length of prong = 5.6mm

This petite, smaller size snap is suited to thinner layers of fabric. Perfect for dolls clothing.
Cap diameter = 10.7mm
Length of prong = 4.2mm

SIMPLE RULE: remember you will need DOULBE the quantity of "CAPS" - to make a full set you'll use a cap for the socket and a cap for the stud.
See below for image of snap parts.
Size 20 Plastic Snap Fasteners Size 16 Plastic Snap Fasteners
$1.00 per PACKET OF 100 PIECES

Size 20 = 12.4mm diameter
$1.00 per PACKET OF 100 PIECES

Size 16 = 10.7mm diameter
Snap Components

10% WHOLESALE DISCOUNT when you order 10 or more packs of one item (same colour and part)