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AWL   Awl
PI16-0020   Baby Pink CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0020   Baby Pink CAPS size 20
PI16-0049   Baby Pink SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0049   Baby Pink SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0078   Baby Pink STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0078   Baby Pink STUDS size 20
BUR   Bamboo Fleece UNBLEACHED (2 metres)
BTR   Bamboo Terry Towelling WHITE (2 metres) (OUT OF STOCK)
PI16-0004   Beige CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0004   Beige CAPS size 20
PI16-0033   Beige SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0033   Beige SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0062   Beige STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0062   Beige STUDS size 20
PI16-0002   Black CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0002   Black CAPS size 20
PI16-0031   Black SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0031   Black SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0060   Black STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0060   Black STUDS size 20
PI16-0088   Blood Red CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0088   Blood Red CAPS size 20
PI16-0089   Blood Red SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0089   Blood Red SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0090   Blood Red STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0090   Blood Red STUDS size 20
PI16-0006   Bright Blue CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0006   Bright Blue CAPS size 20
PI16-0035   Bright Blue SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0035   Bright Blue SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0064   Bright Blue STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0064   Bright Blue STUDS size 20
PI16-0026   Bright Orange CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0026   Bright Orange CAPS size 20
PI16-0055   Bright Orange SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0055   Bright Orange SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0084   Bright Orange STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0084   Bright Orange STUDS size 20
PI16-0019   Bright Pink CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0019   Bright Pink CAPS size 20
PI16-0048   Bright Pink SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0048   Bright Pink SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0077   Bright Pink STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0077   Bright Pink STUDS size 20
PI16-0016   Bright Yellow CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0016   Bright Yellow CAPS size 20
PI16-0045   Bright Yellow SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0045   Bright Yellow SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0074   Bright Yellow STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0074   Bright Yellow STUDS size 20
PI16-0005   Choc Brown CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0005   Choc Brown CAPS size 20
PI16-0034   Choc Brown SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0034   Choc Brown SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0063   Choc Brown STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0063   Choc Brown STUDS size 20
PI16-0010   Cornflower Blue CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0010   Cornflower Blue CAPS size 20
PI16-0039   Cornflower Blue SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0039   Cornflower Blue SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0068   Cornflower Blue STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0068   Cornflower Blue STUDS size 20
FLANFOREST   Cotton Flannelette Forest Story (2 metres)
FLANPEACOCK   Cotton Flannelette Peacock (2 metres)
FLANTREE   Cotton Flannelette Trees (2 metres)
FLANWHITE   Cotton Flannelette WHITE (2 metres)
PI16-0018   Deep Yellow CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0018   Deep Yellow CAPS size 20
PI16-0047   Deep Yellow SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0047   Deep Yellow SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0076   Deep Yellow STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0076   Deep Yellow STUDS size 20
D16DK93   Die Set DK-93 (size 16)
D20DK93   Die Set DK-93 (size 20)
FLANOFFER   Flannelette Buy 2 get 1 FREE
PI16-0022   Fuchsia CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0022   Fuchsia CAPS size 20
PI16-0051   Fuchsia SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0051   Fuchsia SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0080   Fuchsia STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0080   Fuchsia STUDS size 20
PI16-0014   Hunter Green CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0014   Hunter Green CAPS size 20
PI16-0043   Hunter Green SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0043   Hunter Green SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0072   Hunter Green STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0072   Hunter Green STUDS size 20
PI16-0011   Jade CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0011   Jade CAPS size 20
PI16-0040   Jade SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0040   Jade SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0069   Jade STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0069   Jade STUDS size 20
PI16-0023   Lavender CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0023   Lavender CAPS size 20
PI16-0052   Lavender SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0052   Lavender SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0081   Lavender STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0081   Lavender STUDS size 20
PI16-0015   Lime Green CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0015   Lime Green CAPS size 20
PI16-0044   Lime Green SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0044   Lime Green SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0073   Lime Green STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0073   Lime Green STUDS size 20
PI16-0091   Metallic Gold CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0091   Metallic Gold CAPS size 20
PI16-0092   Metallic Gold SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0092   Metallic Gold SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0093   Metallic Gold STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0093   Metallic Gold STUDS size 20
MFTR   Microfibre White (2 metres)
MFWR   Microfleece White (2 metres) (OUT OF STOCK)
PI16-0012   Mint Green CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0012   Mint Green CAPS size 20
PI16-0041   Mint Green SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0041   Mint Green SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0070   Mint Green STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0070   Mint Green STUDS size 20
PI16-0009   Navy Blue CAPS size 16 (light navy)
PI100IND-0009   Navy Blue CAPS size 20 (light navy)
PI16-0038   Navy Blue SOCKETS size 16 (light navy)
PI100IND-0038   Navy Blue SOCKETS size 20 (light navy)
PI16-0067   Navy Blue STUDS size 16 (light navy)
PI100IND-0067   Navy Blue STUDS size 20 (light navy)
PI16-0003   Off White CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0003   Off White CAPS size 20
PI16-0032   Off White SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0032   Off White SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0061   Off White STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0061   Off White STUDS size 20
PI16-0007   Pastel Blue CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0007   Pastel Blue CAPS size 20
PI16-0036   Pastel Blue SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0036   Pastel Blue SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0065   Pastel Blue STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0065   Pastel Blue STUDS size 20
PI16-0021   Pastel Pink CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0021   Pastel Pink CAPS size 20
PI16-0050   Pastel Pink SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0050   Pastel Pink SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0079   Pastel Pink STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0079   Pastel Pink STUDS size 20
PI16-0017   Pastel Yellow CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0017   Pastel Yellow CAPS size 20
PI16-0046   Pastel Yellow SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0046   Pastel Yellow SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0075   Pastel Yellow STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0075   Pastel Yellow STUDS size 20
PI16-0028   Peach CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0028   Peach CAPS size 20
PI16-0057   Peach SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0057   Peach SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0086   Peach STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0086   Peach STUDS size 20
PLRKIT   Pliers Starter Kit
PR93   Professional Snap Press DK93 (PRE-ORDER ONLY)
OFFERCOLOUR   Promo Pack Entire Colour Range - SIZE 20
PI16-0027   Pumpkin Orange CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0027   Pumpkin Orange CAPS size 20
PI16-0056   Pumpkin Orange SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0056   Pumpkin Orange SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0085   Pumpkin Orange STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0085   Pumpkin Orange STUDS size 20
PI16-0024   Purple CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0024   Purple CAPS size 20
PI16-0053   Purple SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0053   Purple SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0082   Purple STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0082   Purple STUDS size 20
PI16-0025   Red CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0025   Red CAPS size 20
PI16-0054   Red SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0054   Red SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0083   Red STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0083   Red STUDS size 20
PI16-0008   Royal Blue CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0008   Royal Blue CAPS size 20
PI16-0037   Royal Blue SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0037   Royal Blue SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0066   Royal Blue STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0066   Royal Blue STUDS size 20
SAMPLE   Samples
PI16-0029   Silver CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0029   Silver CAPS size 20
PI16-0058   Silver SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0058   Silver SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0087   Silver STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0087   Silver STUDS size 20
PLR   Snap Pliers
PI16-0013   Spring Green CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0013   Spring Green CAPS size 20
PI16-0042   Spring Green SOCKETS size 16
PI100IND-0042   Spring Green SOCKETS size 20
PI16-0071   Spring Green STUDS size 16
PI100IND-0071   Spring Green STUDS size 20
PRK9320   STARTER KIT size 20 (DK93 Press + Dies + Snaps) (PRE-ORDER ONLY)
PI16-0001   White CAPS size 16
PI100IND-0001   White CAPS size 20

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